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Liliw, Laguna: Shoe Haven

  • Posted on June 11, 2013 at 2:38 pm

Laguna is prolly known for its short distance from Manila. Most people would say that if you want to escape the buzz, just go to Laguna to relax. However, there are more to Laguna than meets the eye. For one, it’s a shoe haven. Meet Liliw.

Liliw is one of the highland towns in Laguna. According to wiki,

“Liliw is a fourth class municipality in the province of Laguna, Philippines. It is one of the highland towns forming the southern extremity of the province. According to the latest census, it has a population of 33,851.[2]

Liliw has a total land area of 88.5 sq. miles. It is bounded on the northwest by Sta. Cruz; northeast by Magdalena; on the east by Majayjay; on the west by Nagcarlan; and on the south by Dolores, Quezon.”

Now, so as not to bore you with academic stuff, if you want to know more about Liliw, you might want to visit their website at

So let’s go to the fun part. Gat Tayaw Street in Liliw basically contains the whole strip of stalls and stores of varieties of footwear. From slippers to sandals to shoes, for people of all ages, and for almost all occasions. Some stores even sell locally-made bags, but please don’t expect much since it’s really not their product. They also have wide variety of pasalubong like chicharon, malagkit, and cookies. But, their best food is uraro. 😀

Shoe Craze

Below are some of the (amateur) photos from the recent Liliw trip.

take-home bags :)


Liliw footwear has proven that they can compete with modern styles offered by online and Manila-based shoe stores. Prices are also friendly to discerning consumers. And, the major factor in buying any item: QUALITY! It is also a bonus that most of their sandals and shoes do not give pain and blisters.

The price of footwear ranges from Php200-400 depending on the style and your haggling skills. Php400 is actually expensive in Liliw, so be informed.

Below are the pictures of what to expect in Liliw. Sorry for the poor lighting.


 photo from

photo from


If you’re planning to take this trip, from Manila, go to Buendia or Cubao. Look for the DLTB or the HM Bus Transit. Board the bus with the signage Sta. Cruz. The trip will take around 3 hours. The ticket will cost you around Php 145.

From Sta.Cruz (terminal), take the jeepney with the signage Liliw-Nagcarlan. Tell the driver to drop you at Gat Tayaw Street. Then you can go crazy as well. 😀

5 Major Tiis-Ganda of Women

  • Posted on June 7, 2013 at 4:54 pm

1. Major Hair Treatment


photo from


Women with no bad-hair days are lucky! Because most women frequent the salon twice a year for a rebond, for some perm. Rebonding takes about 5 hours. But for thick and kinky-haired women, it takes longer. This means, around 8 hours! Imagine the dread they feel everytime they see new hair growths?

Some would think that going to the salon is all-pampering and taking care of yourself. Yes, they are part of it. But for  others, staying at the salon is a form of sacrifice of time, effort, and energy! It is not as brilliant as pictured in magazines, most especially when the iron is an inch away from your face, the blow-dryer is fanning at your nape, and that back-aching-sitting-all-day-stance is all you could do! So, to those who are thinking that it’s one of the posh hobbies, you might wanna reconsider. (–,)


2. Waxing/Threading


photo from



Relevant to #1, and as part of proper grooming and hygiene, women have to make sure that they don’t have unsightly hairs! That includes mustache, which is really painful when threaded! Arrghh! To minimize the pain, some resort to waxing. I say minimize, because it is still painful! This item is self-explanatory! Haha. Good thing with waxing though is that it actually removes dry skin. Leaving you with clearer skin. (Sounds like a commercial, eh?)


3. Facial


photo from

Darn pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. Particularly the ones near the T-zone. This area actually is more vulnerable to pain than the rest of the face. But of course, eventhough you do not have impurities on your face, this has to be done in order to maintain younger looking skin.


4. Wearing High heels


photo from

Some women are not really comfortable wearing high heels, but to complete “the look”, they have to! Although there are convenient fashion, we have to admit that high heels are more associated as the sophisticated look. To be glamorous is to wear high heels. Most women would like to do this item rather occasionally.


5. Diet!


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Diet is a loosely used term to describe starvation. Beep! But it actually means, nutrition or the composition of your food intake. Usually, when there is an upcoming event, or a soon-to-be (meaning two weeks time) beach bumming experience, women frantically resort to crash diet. Either no rice at all, or two table spoon of rice only! No desserts, no soda, no red meat. Most of the time, this does not work, especially with women who has low metabolism. But, guess what tiis-ganda could do?


These are just some of the “sacrifices” women take in order to prettify ourselves. However, as cliche as it may sound, the way to look good is to feel good. True in any sense. Confidence is the key. But hey, we have to like what we see in the mirror, ayt? So it does help our self-esteem to commit these sacrifices. 😀


Disclaimer: Men have their own ways of tiis-gwapo, it’s just that women’s sacrifices are more obvious and deliberate. :)