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Pretty ALL Day!

  • Posted on July 15, 2013 at 2:17 pm

Women juggle a lot of things all at the same time. Aside from performing excellently at work, we have to maintain our prettified self to be presentable.

Sometimes, as the day goes by, we overlook minute details on how to take care of ourselves. We just skip it and hop on to our next activity, leaving us more stressed and disheveled. To instantly feel fresh and radiant, here are reminders to pretty girls on the go out there:

1. Wear exact fitting clothes.


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Tight-fitting clothes are over-rated. Not only does it limit our movements, but it also makes us more self-conscious. Of course on the other hand, we cannot also overdo on loose clothes lest we would look lousy. The technique is find a slacks with just the right percentage of spandex, say 3-5%, or get the proper length of skirt. Crisp polo blouses as well is a classic.

2. Wear pretty shoes.


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Wearing pretty shoes boosts confidence. If you like what you see whenever you look down, you instantly feel refreshed and happy. Give yourself a reason to look down and smile 😀

3. Comb and fix your hair.


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We know that messy and i-just-got-out-from-bed hairdo are the in things nowadays. But, we cannot afford to look like that when we are meeting clients or talking to our boss and colleagues. It is still best to look polished and neat, and save the messy do for a night out with friends.

Messy hair presents messy head (brain), so better to keep our hairs tucked in and you’ll instantly feel lighter.

4. Wear an earring.


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For some, wearing accessories is a no-no. They either get hassled by it, or they have allergies. For others, they actually overdo it, by wearing dangling and heavier earrings. But to get the glow and radiance we want to achieve, wearing a stud with the right size can turn you into a charming lady.

Earring lifts the aura of your face. With the right size, you’ll feel prettified the whole day.

5. Powder your nose.


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Our T-zone (forehead and nose) is prone to oiliness. We all heard about the cliche “Oiliness is next to ugliness“, and it is thus a basic that we bring oil control film or a powder to preserve our pretty faces.

6. Arrange your belongings, leave bulky ones.


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Now that we’re dressed pretty, wearing the right shoes and earrings, we can showcase ourselves without looking haggard—by not bringing bulky things, as much as possible. Women have this habit of carrying alot of things with them wherever they go. We might want to stick with our purse and smart-phones only so that we can be chic and classy. What’s the use of smart phones if we cannot use it as temp or alternative for our e-docs.

7.  Wear pretty undergarments.


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In preparation for our day, we have to wear the proper undergarments to support our body. And, you’ll definitely feel the vibe of wearing a pair of pretty undies. Take it should be paired. ! You’ll feel sexy inside, and it will radiate on the outside. La Senza and Herbendh have a lot of pretty, sezy, and sassy undergarments that you could choose from. Hoard during their sale. You’ll never wear anything not paired after!

Hope this helps! Stay pretty ladies!

10 Things Every Woman Should Do

  • Posted on January 11, 2013 at 2:53 pm

1.     Look good, Feel good.

The first step to feel good is to look good, this is almost a no brainer to anyone. Almost all articles about beauty and fashion available in the internet is all about looking good. There is really no excuse as to why women nowadays can’t be pretty. All resources are available anywhere.

2.     Eat.

This may not come as a shock to everyone as the famous movie of Julia Roberts Eat Pray Love, discussed why eating could be so much fun. Eating not only literally satisfies our hunger but it also serves as our reward for being a good mom, a good employee, a good athlete and everything we are being good at.

3.     Pray.

As earlier mentioned, Eat Pray Love book would not have been written if not for the genuine effect of it. No religion need be promoted or solicited, but having faith to whatever we believe in soothes our soul thus gives our spiritual realm the deepest of silence that can’t be achieved from any other activities.

4.     Exercise.

Scientifically speaking, it has been proven that being active not only gives us prolonged strength and endurance, but also happiness. This is due to the hormones secreted by our brain once we are up and running. So if you are feeling stressed out by work, or if your business has had better days, or your relationship is on the rocks, thinking through those problems sometimes does not help. It is sometimes best to shut your mind and literally run from it.

5.     Travel.

As they say, living without travelling is like reading a book and only turn a page of it. What’s the good of the world if you would not be able to see it?  Travelling has never been this available and easily accessible to anyone. Gone are the days when only rich people could ride a plane and leave the country. Several airlines have had made travelling possible even to average people.

6.     Read.

Perhaps reading is the best hobby one could ever have. Not only it enhances memory and prevents brain-related illness; it also exercises brain muscles and makes us expand the world of imagination. How would one know how to live in Mexico or what to eat in Italy if not for reading? Reading takes us to places that we never even think imaginable. It allows us to learn and explore the diversity of human culture, lifestyle, customs, relations and other things that can be linked to mankind.

7.     Give.

What is the beauty of blessings if we would not be able to share them with someone? Be it with a friend, relative or stranger, it has always been a good feeling to give someone something, than to receive. Cliché as it may sound but totally true. Life has never had a deeper meaning until we give something to the society.

8.     Laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine; it is highly contagious as compared to coughs, colds or sneezing. Laughing gives us a good feeling which stays with us even though the laughter already subsides. It gives us optimism and positive energy even during difficult times.

9.     Shop.

This never fails to lift the mood of any woman. May she be broken-hearted, having a PMS or stressed at work, shopping still tops a woman’s list of favourite hobbies. When a lady shops, she subconsciously thinks things through. She makes up her mind about something, distresses herself from anything that bothers her, and totally frees her at-the-time pressured mind. It may be hard to understand especially for men, but shopping can even improve a woman’s way of handling relationships.

10.  Love.

Love of a mother, sister, friend or a special someone, they all give us warm and compassion which are essential to human kind. Love gives us direction in life, what drives us to reach our goals, achieve our dreams and continue to go on living. Life is all about love that we can give and love that we receive. Love can change everything.