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Where to do Early Christmas Shopping in the Metro

  • Posted on October 3, 2013 at 5:22 pm
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September flew by so fast. We all know what happens when October hits. Filipinos get into this shopping frenzy—spotting bazaars, visiting depots, waiting for warehouse sales, and rushing to Divisoria. Everyone is waiting for Christmas whether for gift giving or receiving. And thus, a list of shopping haven is helpful. Below are certified places (in no particular order) where you can find really good deals:

1.    Divisoria

Need I say more? :)

2.    Greenhills Shopping Mall

Just like Divisoria, Greenhills is a one-stop shop. They have clothes, pieces of jewelry, gadgets, appliances, plants, restaurants. It is just an upgrade from Divisoria.

3.    Dapitan Arcade

Kanlaon Avenue, Quezon City

This place is a haven for those looking for home décor, furnishing, and furniture. From souvenir items up to cutleries, and rattan chairs, they have it. If you’re planning to go shopping, it is better if you have your own vehicle. Parking slots are limited though, but you can park in nearby establishments (ask politely).

4.    S&R Membership Shopping 

For branches, you may visit their website:

A great place in the Metro for shopping bottles of wine, hams, cheeses, chocolates, and other imported products. Comparison of their prices with local supermarkets reveals a good deal most especially on wine.

5.    Duty Free Clark or Subic/Marquee Mall in San Fernando, Pampanga

If you have the time and the means, you might as well spend it on going to Duty Free shopping in Clark or Subic. The toys are really cheap. You could buy a great doll for 250php. If you have a lot of godchildren, the trip up North (with gas and toll fee) could actually be worth it.

6.    World Trade Bazaar/Superb Bazaar

Bazaars are really fun, because most of the exhibitors just get together to participate in these events. But the downside is, bazaars happen occasionally. The Worlbex Bazaar is every December. While the Superb Bazaar will have an event on October 23-27, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center. For more details, check it here:

7.    Hole-in-the-wall (HIW) stalls

Who doesn’t like them? Other than the fact that they’re cheap, sometimes for clothes mostly overruns, you really get to buy unique items. No matter whether you’re thinking of buying for yourself or as a gift, hole-in-the-wall stalls are fun! But be ready to get lost, if you’re really not familiar with the places, you might

a. HIW along Domingo Guevara St., (formerly Libertad St.), Mandaluyong City

They have jackets, sports wear, under wear, shoes, pants, dresses, and other apparel. It’s worth a visit

b. HIW along Paraiso St. (route: From Del Monte Avenue to Roosevelt Avenue, take Paraiso St. and you will definitely pass by it.)

They sell underwear, corsets, girdles, and other lingerie.

c.    Galileo Enoteca Deli

                  Calbayog corner Libertad St., Mandaluyong City

It’s actually a restaurant but they sell Italian bread, cheeses, wine, and other Italian which are great on your table and for gift-giving. They also prepare gift-baskets.

Liliw, Laguna: Shoe Haven

  • Posted on June 11, 2013 at 2:38 pm

Laguna is prolly known for its short distance from Manila. Most people would say that if you want to escape the buzz, just go to Laguna to relax. However, there are more to Laguna than meets the eye. For one, it’s a shoe haven. Meet Liliw.

Liliw is one of the highland towns in Laguna. According to wiki,

“Liliw is a fourth class municipality in the province of Laguna, Philippines. It is one of the highland towns forming the southern extremity of the province. According to the latest census, it has a population of 33,851.[2]

Liliw has a total land area of 88.5 sq. miles. It is bounded on the northwest by Sta. Cruz; northeast by Magdalena; on the east by Majayjay; on the west by Nagcarlan; and on the south by Dolores, Quezon.”

Now, so as not to bore you with academic stuff, if you want to know more about Liliw, you might want to visit their website at

So let’s go to the fun part. Gat Tayaw Street in Liliw basically contains the whole strip of stalls and stores of varieties of footwear. From slippers to sandals to shoes, for people of all ages, and for almost all occasions. Some stores even sell locally-made bags, but please don’t expect much since it’s really not their product. They also have wide variety of pasalubong like chicharon, malagkit, and cookies. But, their best food is uraro. 😀

Shoe Craze

Below are some of the (amateur) photos from the recent Liliw trip.

take-home bags :)


Liliw footwear has proven that they can compete with modern styles offered by online and Manila-based shoe stores. Prices are also friendly to discerning consumers. And, the major factor in buying any item: QUALITY! It is also a bonus that most of their sandals and shoes do not give pain and blisters.

The price of footwear ranges from Php200-400 depending on the style and your haggling skills. Php400 is actually expensive in Liliw, so be informed.

Below are the pictures of what to expect in Liliw. Sorry for the poor lighting.


 photo from

photo from


If you’re planning to take this trip, from Manila, go to Buendia or Cubao. Look for the DLTB or the HM Bus Transit. Board the bus with the signage Sta. Cruz. The trip will take around 3 hours. The ticket will cost you around Php 145.

From Sta.Cruz (terminal), take the jeepney with the signage Liliw-Nagcarlan. Tell the driver to drop you at Gat Tayaw Street. Then you can go crazy as well. 😀

Travel Essential: Pillow

  • Posted on May 14, 2013 at 3:52 pm
Read: Pardon the quality of the photos. These are two of my favorite travel pillows.

Types of travel pillows.

Yes, you read it right, PILLOW!!

Most travelers would say that it’s not in their list, most especially backpackers. They would rather bring their hammock than take a pillow with them. Among the top fives that usually come out are headphones, sunblock, wet wipes, sungglasses, and scarf. Realistically we’re not hard core backpackers, sooo we can manage a little bit of bulkiness in our packs.

A good, sound sleep is a must, even when traveling. Despite the full itinerary and the almost-requirement to wake up early, believe it or not, a pillow is indispensable. Below are two travel-inspired pillows:

1. Neck pillow

Neck Pillow

Neck Pillow

This will save you from stiff neck, shoulder pain, and upper back cramps. Usually, land travel requires sleeping on board a bus overnight. With the sitting position and tight space, the neck pillow at least gives you the comfort to lean whichever side of your head. Plus, it avoids you from bumping your head at the window shield.

2. Extra small pillow

Small rectangular pillow

Small rectangular pillow

Because of its size, it is also convenient to carry around and it is also comfortable to sleep on.

It will also give you the ‘hug’ your huge pillows give you at home. A piece-of-home is what they call it.

There are also relevant information about it online, and a helpful link popped at And guess what, it’s actually called a travel pillow! :)

Next time you’re planning your trip, squeeze in your must-bring one of these pillows.