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Travel Essential: Pillow

  • Posted on May 14, 2013 at 3:52 pm
Read: Pardon the quality of the photos. These are two of my favorite travel pillows.

Types of travel pillows.

Yes, you read it right, PILLOW!!

Most travelers would say that it’s not in their list, most especially backpackers. They would rather bring their hammock than take a pillow with them. Among the top fives that usually come out are headphones, sunblock, wet wipes, sungglasses, and scarf. Realistically we’re not hard core backpackers, sooo we can manage a little bit of bulkiness in our packs.

A good, sound sleep is a must, even when traveling. Despite the full itinerary and the almost-requirement to wake up early, believe it or not, a pillow is indispensable. Below are two travel-inspired pillows:

1. Neck pillow

Neck Pillow

Neck Pillow

This will save you from stiff neck, shoulder pain, and upper back cramps. Usually, land travel requires sleeping on board a bus overnight. With the sitting position and tight space, the neck pillow at least gives you the comfort to lean whichever side of your head. Plus, it avoids you from bumping your head at the window shield.

2. Extra small pillow

Small rectangular pillow

Small rectangular pillow

Because of its size, it is also convenient to carry around and it is also comfortable to sleep on.

It will also give you the ‘hug’ your huge pillows give you at home. A piece-of-home is what they call it.

There are also relevant information about it online, and a helpful link popped at And guess what, it’s actually called a travel pillow! :)

Next time you’re planning your trip, squeeze in your must-bring one of these pillows.

The Wonders of Malong

  • Posted on February 28, 2013 at 10:22 am

Women in cultural show, using Malong

Last month, I received a malong as a birthday gift. I am not usually a fan of scarves, shawls, and sarong because I find carrying them a hassle. But since it is purple, I automatically loved it! It may be a no-brainer, but for a shirt-and-short-girl like me, back then, I would not know the uses of these pieces of clothing. Not until I brought it with me in one of my travels.

Just a fast-fact, a malong is a traditional garment usually worn by royal families in Mindanao. It is a tubular dress in different colors. Two weeks after it was given to me, I have grown from liking it to making it a must-have, most especially for every traveler since it is lightweight and easy to pack. I made a short list of its amazing uses:

1. Blanket and Jacket in one

I rode a bus going to Camarines Sur, and man, it was so cold. Usually, these buses are colder than those metro buses that we ride on our way to work. And, despite wearing long sleeves and jeggings, the coldness crept in. The malong saved my night! Because it’s tubular, I felt like I was tucked in my bed!

2. Protective and Fashionable scarf

After alighting that cold bus, I was not prepared to face for the sudden change of temperature; the malong absorbed all the heat, and covered my face from the sun. As an added bonus, I was saved from all the dust and dirt.

3. Bed sheet

This part is my favorite use of malong. Being a suplada / maselan and a budget traveler don’t mix quite well. Every time I travel, I see to it that the accommodations that I find are cheap; however, despite the room ads that they are clean, it may or may not be true. Thus, the malong saved me again from unnecessary bites from bed bugs or not-so-clean mattresses.

4. Lona or Beach spread

Of course, my travel would not be complete without the beach! And the malong is my instant lona! It protected me from that sticky sand, which of course is imminent, but the malong avoided that sand from damping my hair.

5. Carry-all bag

Remember when we were all young, o well, I don’t know about you, hehe, there was this cartooned turtle who used to travel carrying all its stuff in a tie-knotted piece of clothing? I was able to carry all my belongings in the same way with my malong J

6. Towel

Of course, it may sound unsanitary but if in case you have forgotten to bring your towel, or would not risk using the towel provided for by your budget inn, the malong comes in handy.

There! Of course, the list goes on, but I can’t wait to put my hands on another malong. I only have one as of now. If not for that great friend who gave it to me, I would not know how much loveable and useful the malongs are! I’m planning of getting a red one. How about you, convinced yet? 😀