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Online Shopping Tips: How to shop like a Pro

  • Posted on July 30, 2013 at 11:40 am
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Nowadays, they say that the ultimate test for customer service is convenience to one’s clientele. Hence, everything is made easier. Added services like talking to a customer service rep, free pick up and delivery, and online shopping are trending.

Despite these entitlements, consumers still have to be wary of purchases. It cannot always be for convenience only. But rather, it is still wise to be discerning in every thing that we buy. Many are becoming online shoppers due to their hectic schedule. But how does one protect themselves from tricky purchases? Below are practical tips for online consumers:

1. Window shop, physically. Not virtually yet.

This works best for clothes, most especially coat, blazers, and pants. Before buying clothes online, you really have to know your fit. Online photos can be tricky and may not yield the best fit for you. Thus, if you know a store carrying the same brand or the same product, you might want to fit there first. Just when you have the chance and time. This can work as your future reference.

You might ask why not buy it from the store at the instance. Yes, you may. But as said, this can be used as a future reference. Plus, online stores most of the time give discounts and further reductions.

2. Know your precise measurements.

This works best for footwear and pants. Most online stores have product measurements. You can easily check if their size matches yours. If you’re not sure, you can always ask them. Please do note that sometimes sizes vary. The US, UK, and Asian sizes are different from each other. Thus, it is wise that you measure your foot/waist and match them with the store’s posted measurements.

3. Test if hypoallergenic and if compatible with skin tone.

This works best for hygiene and skin care products including make up. You cannot always rely on brand description and ads. You really have to be sure. The best way is to purchase a small one i.e. shampoo/conditioner and if you liked the results, you can continue purchasing in bulk. Another is by looking for forums where the products have been tested. However, what may work for them may not work for you. Thus it is still best that you try it personally. Start with the smallest bottle.

4. Know the material, check the zippers, and double-check the internal make.

This works for all of the clothing and accessories. But can also work for bags and wallets. Some online stores offer zoom-in and enlarged-but-not-pixelized feature of photos. This way you can see clearly almost all the details of the bags/wallet. Aside from the item description, it is best to check the internal and external make of the wallet/bag. Is it handwoven, double-lined, made of real leather or synthetic, or is it made of canvass? Usually canvass-made lasts longer. Are the zippers made by YKK?

5. Check for expiration date.

This works best for food and other perishable goods. Always always always check for this, especially if it’s on sale. Then check for the ingredients, you might be allergic to one or two of the contents.

6. Triple check the details and highlights of the deal.

This works best for vouchers and gift certificates. Most consumers overlook the details like required number of voucher purchase (for travel vouchers, it’s minimum of two), location of restaurant or store, shipping method or pick-up, time of redemption, prior reservation and other minute details that if overlooked would actually cost you more.

7. Sign up for free online newsletters.

This works best for plane tickets and vouchers. This will keep you posted for best travel deals like Piso-fare and the likes. Travel bloggers usually score their plane tickets at cheap prices this way.


This is the ultimate tip that can ever be given. We cannot always rely on other’s opinion, but as convenient as shopping can be, Google is as convenient! We can always find reliable information on the net. Hope this helped! Online shopping may be far from convenience after all. Surely, every one wants value for their money, whatever and wherever venue the shopping occurred! :)